Zoom Meeting 15th February 21 Minutes

PRESENT T Thompson (Chairman),D Dundas (Zoom Host) I Jackson, J Adams, R Patching,

G Stringer, D James, V Wasdell,  P Martin, R Hartley, A Hutchinson, J Woodcock, R Hockney, R Henshaw, M Frayn, J Sykes, G Lusher, P Longman, D Bathurst, D Dixon A Hutchinson, O O’Neill, I Clark, D Shaw, P Longman

GUESTS – Rebecca Harding… more

AGM 16th March 2020

PRESENT T Thompson (Chairman), J Adams, I Jackson, R Henshaw, B Pretty, R Hartley, D Bathurst, A Hutchinson, R Patching, D Dixon, D James

APOLOGIES received from 14 members (too many to list here)


Chairman welcomed our guest MALCOLM HOLMES, Chief Executive of WEST MIDLANDS RAIL EXECUTIVE who gave an excellent presentation with hard copies of up… more