Minutes 19th August 2019

PRESENT) T Thompson (Chairman) J Adams, I Jackson, D James D Dixon, V Wasdell,

P Cousins, R Hockney, P Martin, D Bathurst, G Hudson, R Patching, P Sheridan, J Sykes,

J Woodcock, R Hartley


APOLOGIES P Bates, B Pretty,


MINUTES of July Meeting had been circulated by e-mail and were approved.

STATIONS – reported that brickworks to lift on southbound platform appeared complete but not on northbound side. Contractors had suggested a completion date of October/November. A notice in waiting room advises that improvements will include low energy lighting, re-painting and resurfacing car park. No mention of pedestrian safe access – to investigate and take up with WM Trains and Network rail (JA/TT)


PERFORMANCE – Fay Easton had sent performance statistics. (i) Noted that 60 extra drivers and 65 conductors have been trained. Will majority be working on the extra Rugeley and Shrewsbury services? Do the figures reflect a net increase in staff numbers?

(ii) Do the late running figures include cancelled trains and those turned round short of destination?

(iii) If trains which should stop at Shenstone are stopped at Blake Street is it policy for the next train to stop at Shenstone, even if not timetabled to do so?

(iv) LNWR cancellations have increased, particularly on Sundays – are these services manned entirely by staff working overtime?

(v) Capacity on morning services is considered adequate but we have continued concern that the provision of 3 car trains on the 1625, 1635 and 1725 from New Street needs to be re-assessed, particularly as the 1645 to Four Oaks is designated 6 car. Has extra traffic south of Birmingham created this problem?

Good news – (a) improved evening services welcomed. (b) At a member’s request a conductor asked for a connecting train at Stafford to wait for the train from Stoke which would be arriving late/close to scheduled departure time; the connection was made.

WEST COAST MAIN LINE – First Trenitalia awarded the contract w.e.f December. There will be extra stops but no more at Lichfield. We need to establish their intentions post-HS2. (TT) WC 250 meeting in October to be attended by D James and J Adams .

TREASURER and MEMBERSHIP   Bank – £1053.62.            37 members

PUBLICITY and WEBSITE – a post on website from a Brookhay resident objected to our wish to see the renewal of services from Lichfield to Burton. Comments noted. Also noted that the line is in daily use, mainly from the Bombardier site, and for the last two Sundays with Cross Country services routed through Lichfield to accommodate line working between Birmingham and Tamworth.

FUTURE SPEAKERS – Vicky Cropper LNWR booked for September meeting. To invite M Holmes and/or P Sargent in October/November and District Council leader later in year.

OTHER BUSINESS (i) article in Railfuture refers to possible Worcester to Derby service, presumably through Wolverhampton and Lichfield and mentions WMRE

(ii) new management team at NMA – can we meet? (TT/RHockney)

NEXT MEETING 16th September


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