Minutes 21st Jan 19 Meeting

PRESENT D Dixon (Chairman), J Adams, I Jackson, B Eisner, R Rathbone, R Hockney, R Hartley, A Hutchinson, T Thompson, P Martin, P Cousins, D James, D Bathurst, J Woodcock, V Wasdell, T O’Leary. New members J McGlade, R Walford

APOLOGIES P Bates, M Frayn, B Pretty, R Henshaw, G Hudson, P Sheridan, P Mullarkey

MINUTES of December meeting had been circulated by e-mail.

CHAIRMAN summarised a Committee meeting which had agreed the date for the AGM (15th April) and planned for visit of MP (see below).

WEST MIDLANDS RAILWAYS – new contact for WM Trains is Faye Easton and for LNW Vicki Cropper who will attend our meeting on 18th February.

LTV – i) a digger has made some exploratory holes on the platforms presumably the first step to install lifts; ii) Coffee shop on platform is now operational; iii) Office of Road and Rail have simply accepted the NR and WM Trains explanation that work cannot start while the lifts are being constructed. iv) 5mph sign erected at entrance to car park on Trent Valley Road but will not be visible to vehicles travelling from Streethay.

LICHFIELD CITY – i) toilets still not operational. ii) understood that because station is unstaffed from mid-evening it is now used by rough sleepers

WEST COAST MAIN LINE – draft May timetables for LNW and connection times north of Lichfield look acceptable. A third of LNW trains will be 8 car, a significant improvement. Noted that the three bidders for the dual franchise with HS2 all have European partner with High Speed train management experience.

PUBLICITY the Committee considered how a wider, possibly younger audience might be attracted and is to investigate website improvements and social media. As RR lacks the appropriate IT skills he has decided to step down; volunteers with suitable IT skills are sought.

TREASURER advised year end balance of £1065 after a surplus of £320. Annual subscriptions are now due and may be paid directly to Lloyds Bank, 30-99-97, 25599360

OTHER BUSINESS i) Committee members will meet Linda McCord from Transport Focus on 5th February

  1. ii) DJ advised that the proposals for reintroduction of rail services between Wolverhampton, Walsall and Lichfield will be heavy rail and not metro/bi-mode – available by 2047!!

iii) JA and RH had met with PCSO at City Station and discussed the police suggestion made at a Safer Neighbourhood meeting that ticket barriers at City Station might help to reduce petty crime in the city centre. The police will pursue with Transport Police and the District and County Councils if they need sponsorship for this initiative.

MEETING with MP – Friday 1st February at 7pm – see attached agenda items

NEXT MEETING on 18th February at 7.30pm









  1. Restoration of passenger services between Lichfield and Burton upon Trent. Engagement with local councils and involvement with local transport policy


  1. Lichfield to Walsall – status of the line; included in the West Midlands Transport policy


  1. Grading of stations – review of category of both Lichfield stations in line with station footfall figures


  1. Group’s frustration at slow progress of essential improvements at both City and LTV stations


  1. Virgin morning service FROM London to Lichfield (with afternoon return)


  1. HS2 – future conflicts with


  • WCML timetable – fear that service be diminished
  • Local community during construction with impact on all rural routes east of Lichfield

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