Minutes of 12 Feb 18 meeting



PRESENT D Dixon (Chairman) D Bathurst, P Bates, R Rathbone, G Wilcox, R Henshaw, J Adams

P Cousins, A Hutchinson, D James, G Hudson, R Hartley, I Jackson, V Wasdell, P Martin, R Hockney


APOLOGIES received from B Pretty, M Frayn, T Thompson, A Dyke, P Mullarkey, M Cooper


MINUTES  of PREVIOUS MEETINGS  reviewed including the meeting with M Fabricant MP. Letters have been sent to MF as requested at the meeting on 2nd February. One item outstanding was the issue of Split Ticketing. Four members had provided examples of benefits to be gained from split ticketing but, after a full discussion, it was considered that there would be little benefit in asking our MP to pursue this topic with DfT or others. Chairman will write accordingly to MF


WCML Papers for a meeting in Crewe have been circulated; I Jackson had intended to attend, but David Dixon attended in his place. The papers included a suggestion by DfT that whoever is the franchisee when HS2 comes on board there should be an hourly service stopping at Lichfield, in addition to the London North Western services.


Cross City Line Two members provided examples of inconsistent performance when there is a problem with the service – we will bring to the attention of the Head of Line with a suggestion that if southbound trains can run fast to Longbridge then northbound trains could run fast to Sutton Coldfield rather than have them terminate at Four Oaks or Blake St. For problems in the late afternoon when fewer people travel in to Birmingham delayed trains could travel fast from Sutton Coldfield.


STATIONS ramp still needed at Shenstone down platform


TREASURER advise that Bank balance is £914 with 31 paid members


A G M planned for April 9th. Chairman would prefer to stand down.



·         Lichfield Rail Alliance – to be included on agenda for next meeting

·         Anti-Crime initiative sought by Police at Lichfield City station (possible manned barriers) to deter identifiable potential shoplifters from City Centre. Unclear how this might work

·         Clarification is awaited from West Midlands Trains (Abellio) of the management structure. Concern that the role of line managers is somewhat ephemeral and we believe that it is in the interests of the service for some continuity in the role.

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